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Pool Renovation

Transform your dated or damaged pool to look better than new with a pool remodel! Learn more about our process for swimming pool renovation below.

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Why bother doing it the right way?

Because it makes a difference. The waterline tile in this photo may look nice at first glance, but upon closer examination there are issues causing the pool tile to fail. First, the tile used is not appropriate for outdoor/pool applications which resulted in it cracking from stress. Second, the tile line was not water proofed sufficiently which resulted in calcium buildup. The combined result of these issues is calcium growing through the cracks in the glass tile, which will continue to expand until the tile falls out.


Cutting corners on jobs--even with the intention of lowering price--compromises the durability and long-term value of a pool remodel. Taking the additional steps outlined above help prevent issues like these and many more, and that's why we do them on every project.

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